Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dangers of the Bully Pulpit

Then again - maybe not!

Obama and the Speech
What is the point and purpose of the President's orations?

A great analysis by the Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Henninger of President Obama's rhetorical skills and predilections. He begins by asking: “Can Barack Obama talk his way onto Mount Rushmore?”

Then he points out: “More than any U.S. president, The Speech is the primary vehicle of Barack Obama's politics.”

While Henninger concludes by saying "he is trying to shape a presidency from the force of his own political personality carved out of a mountain of random eloquence. It might work, too." I think he actually understands why that won't work.

This illustrates one of the dangers inherent in a President's use of the Bully Pulpit - its over use. If people get to the point where they say - "Oh, him again. He's always talking but not accomplishing anything," it's a problem.

To preserve its power to persuade, the Bully Pulpit must be used judiciously.

From The Bully Pulpit - Tom

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